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National Broadband Network (NBN) & Redsand

The NBN is Australia's first national open access communications network that is being built to bring high speed broadband and telephone The NBN will utilise a mixture of fibre optic, fixed wireless, and satellite, to improve the way businesses connect and operate with other employees, customers, and suppliers. The NBN is currently being rolled out on the Mid-North and North coasts of NSW.

Redsand is playing a key role in assisting businesses to connect to and leverage the many NBN-deliverable technologies to make them more efficient and increase their bottom line.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

VOIP Telephony is the transmission of voice over IP network (VoIP), this means your voice calls are transmitted over a computer network such as the internet or Local Area Network (LAN) rather than over the traditional public switched telephone network.

Using VoIP capability to integrate voice and data communications into a single network can deliver commercial benefits, such as cost savings and improved operational efficiencies, especially if your current network has spare capacity.

VoIP solutions are extremely flexible, allowing you to adapt or expand your telephony infrastructure quickly and easily in order to meet your changing business requirements, such as office expansion or increasing workforce mobility.

There are three different VoIP applications that Redsand can supply depending on your requirements:

  • VoIP Trunk or SIP Trunk - This type or VoIP gives access to internet-based phone carriers to reduce call costs.

  • VoIP Extensions - This type of VoIP allows you to integrate user phone handsets over your existing computer data network without having to provide separate phone cabling.

  • VoIP Networking - This type of VoIP is used to link multiple offices/locations together into a single integrated phone system.

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